Yellowknife Wildfires

Yellowknife Real Estate Blog - Wildfire Evacuation 2023

Hello Yellowknife and NWT residents! I hope this blog finds you well. I hope you are safe and comfortable with your family and pets. I hope you all have found support in one of the AMAZING communities down south that is taking such great care of us Yellowknife and NWT residents.

I am evacuated out of Yellowknife and am now outside of Red Deer with my family and our 2 dogs. This whole situation is crazy. For my many clients who have transactions on the go currently I am available throughout this time to provide advising on how to keep your deals alive and how to rearrange lawyers meetings, completion dates etc etc..

Yellowknife Buyers: If you are evacuated and you have a deal closing in the coming days expect to have the completion of your purchase pushed back. Confirm when your lawyer will be available to meet if you havent already signed documents at your lawyers office. If you have an appointment with your lawyer over the coming weeks its a good time to confirm that its cancelled and tentatively rebooked. Touch base if you have any questions, this is a fluid situation and much of when your deal will complete lies in the hands of the fire situation and when we can all return to Yellowknife. 

Yellowknife Sellers: If you have a sale completing in the coming weeks plan to push that back. Touch base with your lawyer. Keep in mind the status of the home; Has it been cleaned, is there servicings needed etc. If you had appointments booked its a good time to get ahead of things and tentatively rebook. That goes for lawyers, servicings, MOVERS etc etc. 

If this situation does drag out beyond this week there will be a backlog of transactions needing to complete, servicings needing to get done and everyones going to want to be at the front of the line so get ahead of the return home and try to set yourself up. Touch base if you have any questions about how to proceed, how we can push your transaction back and what can be done to ease the stress and pressure of this situation and your soon to be completed Yellowknife real estate transaction.

I hope all my Yellowknife clients are safe, comfortable and in a good place! Lets touch base if you need anything at all. 

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