Yellowknife Wildfire Real Estate Update

Yellowknife Wildfire Real Estate Update 

Hello all and thank you for checking out this weeks Yellowknife Real Estate Update Blog

This week, like last, is a different one for Yellowknife and the NWT as a whole. We continue to be on evacuation notice and are scattered accross the rest of the country eagerly watching the news, maybe trying to make the best of the situation wherever you are, I hope!

With no new sale, listings or activity this week I have little to report on the Yellowknife real estate market, but in terms of the wildfire and evacuation I would like to say I am incredibly grateful for all the hardworking men and women who are still back home doing everything possible to slow the fires, set protection lines and fire breaks, instal sprinklers and keep the community running while we are all away! Thank you all. 

I sincerely hope in light of these wildfires and evacuations the government is able to come up with some meaningful supports for all the evacuees and individuals who left on a moments notice. For all my clients, friends, family and community members please dont hesitate to reach out if you have any questions about how this will affect a deal, a property or the real estate market OR if you need anyhthing at all I hope to help however possible. 


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