Yellowknife Spring Home Tips

Spring home maintenance tips for Yellowknife Homes and properties!

If youre reading this surely youre aware of the unique location of Yellowknife and the unique requirements for living in such a place. With the spring having arrived and with it warm weather, melting of ice and snow and arrival of critters and creautres here is a few quick tips to keep your Yellowknife home in top shape.

1. Check sumps, crawl spaces and exposed foundation: You'll want to check your sumps in the spring time to ensure they are functioning well, hoses and power cords are connected and theres no overflow or build up of moisture or water. This is especially important at this time of year as the melt bring about standing water around your home and property. Check foundations and crawl spaces to ensure ventilation and no new penetrations of water or cracking of any kind. Ensure wood blocking foundations are holding up and in good order and check belly bags for new rips. Close up to ensure functionality and to keep out critters! 

2. Check attics and roofs: Once snow is substantially melted you should check your attic and roof to ensure that there is no leaks and no new damage to shingles/roofing material. Ensure eaves are draining properly away from the foundation of the home. 

3. Ensure smoke detectors, leak detectors in good working order: Goes without saying we should all be testing our smoke alarms annually and the beginning of fire season is a great time to do so! If you have leak detectors on your hot water tank its a good idea to check those as well.

4. Clean up brush, dead leaves and flammable material around your property: As we have seen in recent years fire season is becoming more and more severe. Its a great idea to fire smart your home and property early in the season before fires start! 

5. Pressure wash out door areas: In the springtime dust and dirt accumulates in the spring winds; On decks, walk ways, patio's, siding, windows, door ways. If you have access to a pressure washer this is the best way to get the dust off to start the summer off right! 

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