Yellowknife Real Estate

My name is Nathan Round and I am a realtor in Yellowknife NT. Why did I choose to relocate and join the Yellowknife Real Estate Industry?

To start off, as a born and raised Yellowknifer you never really leave. A piece of Yellowknife carries on with you no matter where you go. Everywhere I went was constantly compared to Yellowknife, the good and the bad. You either loath the winters, or miss the 'real' winter. Being in southern Canada has its advantages, but being in Yellowknife has many too. There are few places elsewhere that have the combined high salaries we find in Yellowknife and relatively reasonably priced homes as Yellowknife has. There are few places with the incredible access to the outdoors Yellowknife has, albeit may be cold...Bundle up!

Yellowknife is a great place to raise a family, start a business and buy a home! So stay tuned for more on why I chose to come home and help Yellowknife families find the right home at the best value!

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