Yellowknife Real Estate Update

Yellowknife Real Estate Market Update January 5 2024

Hello all and thank you for checking out this weeks Yellowknife real estate update for this past week! I hope you all had an amazing holiday season and an even better start to your new year!

Over the past week or so things have been quiet in Yellowknife. Many people are still away on vacations, just getting back to town or work and settling into the New Year. But nonetheless the market carries on and here are the numbers! 

This past week we saw 0 new listings, for obvious reasons. Beyond the holidays with cold weather comes a slower market and it may take a couple weeks if not a couple months into the new year before Yellowknife starts to see the real estate market fire back up. 

The market saw 2 price changes or previosuly listed properties, 3 coniditiona sales and 2 firm sales. On an interesting note, Blachford Lake Lodge was 1 of the 2 properties sold firm this past week, which sold for $1,200,000. 

Thats about all for this weeks Yellowknife market update. Call or text if you want to chat more about the market or your real estate goals in 2024! 

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