Yellowknife Real Estate - Restarting after the wildfires

Everyone in Yellowknife is thinking the same thing; How will the wildfires and evacuation affect the real estate market going forward?

The answer, long and short, remains to be seen. The affect of evacuating the entire city amidst a quite acive and busy Yellowknife real estate market will take a few weeks to really be noticable and may be lasting. Some folks are side lining their home search, others are entering the market with impressions they may be able to get a deal in this tumultuous time of catching up after weeks away. Yes - some sellers may be eager after having a weeks long set back to their home sale. Yes - some new sellers may enter that market. Yes - some buyers are saying "I just lost almost a month of my normal life, I need to hold off on this home purchase for now"

How the mix and mingle of all of these post-fire aspects will taste once the dust settles remains to be seen. I for one am seeing signs of activity, I am seeing showing requests coming and going out for my buyers. Whispers of offers on the way for listings I have on the market. For now all I can do is continue to work to achieve the goals of my clients and thats what I shall do! Call today to chat with a Yellowknife realtor who puts his clients first above all else 867-446-2458.

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