Yellowknife Real Estate market update

Hello All! So we strive to give you the weekly Yellowknife real estate market update weekly on Fridays, but this weekend was a travel weekend for my self so its coming to you Tuesday March 21 2023 and we will be back on track this week! 

So! Over the last 10 days we saw in the Yellowknife home market:

8 new listings! Average cost for new listings this past 10 days is $606,237. This average is a bit higher than normal as we had one monster $1,295,000 listing hit the market. Its a fantastic home down off school draw:

We had 3 properties come back on the market either after expiring or having their deal fall through. 

2 price changes to already listed homes. Sellers market is still in effect here in Yellowknife so you may not see a ton of dropping prices on listed home in the near term.

We had 8 conditional sales and 6 firm sales! Currently we have 42 listed properties in the NWT and 25 listed in Yellowknife. Call today to find out the value of your home in the Yellowknife real estate market. We do free home evaluations and look forward to connecting with you!

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