Yellowknife Real Estate Market Update 01/22/2024

Yellowknife Real Estate Market and Listings Update

Hey All, thank you for checking out this weeks market update for Yellowknife real estate and listings. 

The market is slowly coming back alive from a bit of a winter slumber. We are seeing some listings hit the market while many sellers are still option to wait for warmer weather. This week we saw 4 new listings hit the market. 1 being an industrial property we wont count in our average price. Average list price of the new residential listings this week is $584,900.

This week Yellowknife saw 1 coniditonal sale and 1 firm sale. The firm sale being a mobile home on Horton which sold for $150,000. Not necessarily a market making week but good to start seeing some more listings and activity hitting the hot sheets here in Yellowknife. 

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