Yellowknife Market Update November 14 2023

Yellowknife Real Estate Market Update November 14 2023

Hi all and thank you for checking out this Yellowknife Real Estate Market Update. This market update will be for the past 2 weeks (November 1 - November 14 2023).

Well its safe to say cooler temperatures have brought a cooler market. With the market in Yellowknife tipping towards a buyers market completely the only quick sales we are seeing is in the $350k-$500k ball park and only if priced correctly. 

Over the past 14 days weve seen 5 new listings, of which only 1 currently has an accepted offer on (A $399,900 mobile home on Balsillie court). The average price of these listings is $423,740.

We saw 3 price changes over the past 2 weeks. and 5 listings were conditionally sold over the same time frame. 

Over the past 2 weeks we saw 10 firm, unconditional sales take place with the average sale price being $461,635 and the average listed price of these 10 homes was $475,830 making the average sale price of sold homes over the past 14 days 97% of the listed price.  

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