Yellowknife Home Sales Tips

Yellowknife Home Sellers Tips

If you plan to list your home this year here are some helpful tips and tricks for you!

1. If youre going to renovate, renovate. Do the whole space: Re do the entire bathroom, not just the vanity or flooring. Doing no reno job is probably better than doing a bit of a reno job, unless somthing seriously needs replacing or is damaged. Brand new flooring in an otherwise outdated space can sometimes make things look awkward, or worse. Its a cost that could most likely be avoided all together as your buyers will most likely re-do any minor touch ups or personal touches youve done anyways. 

2. Clean and tidy. Clean the home, tidy up, de clutter! Have a professional come by and do a deep clean before photos and showings if needed. The cost of pro cleaning will be returned to you in the value of the sale every time and if you dont, you may push buyers away. De-clutter: Do some pre-packing or get rid of uneeded junk. Clear off your fridge, your counters and surfaces especially for photos. 

3. Sweep and shovel out door areas: This can be huge all year round. Sweep dusty walk ways, spray down dirty deck and patios, clean glass patio doors and shovel decks and walk ways in the winter. Easy, clean access to all areas of the home is very important for photos and showings. 

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