Why work with a realtor?

Why should you work with a realtor? Should you work with just 1 realtor? What if Im not ready to buy right now?

Working with a realtor, like any profession or service provider,  should be both beneficial and enjoyable. You should find a realtor you connect with, you understand and who understands you. Realtors do a lot of things, but the number 1 reason you should work with a realtor is because they protect you from a whole lot of things you probably dont know. 

To start, realtors are (or should be) very knowledgable in their jurisdiction. Your realtor should have a very deep knowledge of the area you are looking to buy or sell in. Using in depth knowledge and information about the municipality and properties in your area is key to protect clients from any issues or unknowns. Beyond market specific knowledge, your realtor should be well aware of contract matters used to protect you, the buyer or seller. What conditions should be included in an offer? Whats the idea completion dates? How do we handle the tenants in the property we are buying/selling? How do I protect myself as a seller without a home to move into? These and much more are questions your realtor should have answers to. Protecting clients and ensuring their best interest is the priority are two main principles of Nathan Round's practice. 

Working with 1 realtor is important. Like a doctor, lawyer or even a home cleaner, a realtors job is that much easier when they really know you. Your realtor should get to know you, your needs/wants, your familys needs. All of those factors play into what and where you buy or how you go about the sale of your home. So choose someone you connect with. Loyalty to a realtor allows them to do their job better. Bouncing around between realtors only open the consumer up to a lack luster performance. Do you expect a barber to know exactly what you want in a hair cut the first day you walk into their barbershop? It might take a cut or two before they really get to know you and how you like your hair. A realtor might need to show you 1 or 2 properties before they can really nail down what you're looking for.

Not ready to buy or sell now, but thinking about getting in contact with a realtor? Great idea! I think its best for consumers to be in touch with a realtor at least 6 months prior to actually going through with a transaction. Why? Because it takes time to develop a solid sense of what the client is after, and things change! Maybe you have an ideal about the property you want to buy or how you want to go about the sale of your home... And maybe, after looking at one or two homes or watching the market for a few weeks those intentions and plans change. It happens. And your realtor should be there through it all to give you the best service possible. At the end of the day, the more informed your realtor is the better the chance you have of getting: 1. the right home, 2. the best value!

Those are 2 things we can agree that every consumer wants. 

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