Things your Yellowknife Realtor Shouldnt be doing

Things your Yellowknife Realtor SHOULDNT be doing! Check it out below:
1. Not asking questions: Your realtor should be prioritizing you, your goals and your needs. How can they do that without that info?
2. Unable to answer questions: Your realtor should be prepared, knowledgeable about the market, area and homes in question.
3. Being PUSHY! A pushy realtor may be a desperate realtor, may be a realtor looking out for themselves and their own goals. Maybe pushing you to their own listings or to homes with higher price tags.
4. Doesnt understand construction practices: A realtor without knowledge of construction practices is like a car salesmen without knowledge of how a car works. Northern realtors especially need to understand equipment, home building and energy efficiency.
Step up your home buying/selling experience and work with an agent who is well rounded, experienced and knowledgeable! You want an agent who prioritizes you, knows you or will get to know you and someone who wants to help, not just make a sale!

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