Things to do in Yellowknife

Yellowknife may seem like a quiet little "Town" to most, but this City really has a ton to offer:

Snowking Castle: The snowking castle is now open for the season on Great Slave Lake. This unique feauture is an annual event thats fun for everyone. To access this event you have to drive on the Great slave lake Ice Road, which in itself is a unique experience. Who can say they spent the day or had drinks in an actual Ice Castle, let alone drove on an Ice Road to get there? Many can not. 

Monkey Tree Golf Simulator: Yellowknife and the sport of golf have a unique relationship. We have one golf course here in Yellowknife and its most special feature, more special than the ravens that will pluck your ball out of the fairway, is the fact that the fairways are... SAND! How do you play golf on sand fairways you ask, a mat. You hit off a mat. Definitely a bit different. But back to the simulator. The Monkey Tree pub now has a golf simulator so Yellowknife Golfers can enjoy the sport and keep their swings in check all year long. 

NWT brewing company: The Brew Pub, as most Yellowknife residents refer to it is a great spot for drinks and great food. Their home grown beers and tastey menu will have anyone (who enjoys food and beer) coming back time and time again. This establishment is home to both my favourite beer and burger in Yellowknife and has something on the menu for all to enjoy. If you're not a drinker ask them to prep you a mock-tail!

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