Yellowknife real estate market update

Yellowknife real estate market update for the week of March 10 2023:

Hello all, this is your update for the Yellowknife real estate market this week. 

This week Yellowknife saw 4 new home listings introduced into the market. One of which listed by myself at 305 Bellanca a beautiful fully renovated 3 bedroom home.

We saw 3 Yellowknife homes for sale come back into the market either because the deals collapsed or their previous listing term was renewed. 

Yellowknife had 1 price reduction, this price reduction comes on the listing of 209 Niven drive. A nice Niven drive home but a welcome price reduction as in my opinion it was over priced to start with. 

For sales, Yellowknife had 6 properties receive conditional offers and 2 finalized sales with conditions removed. The market is certainly starting to wake up from its winter slumber so reah out today to get your home evaluation for free or to start the hunt for your Yellowknife home!

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