Listing your Yellowknife Home

Looking to list your Yellowknife home this year? When is the best time? Is there 'competition' as a seller?

Selling your property in Yellowknife can be exciting, it can be daunting and if done correctly it can be very rewarding! The best time to list your property is very subjective.. The market plays  a large part, but your life, your needs and your families needs play an even larger part. Yes its easier to move in the summer, of course. Who wants to move furniture and belongings in a snow suit?! That being said, putting subjective personal needs aside the BEST time to list your home is early spring/summer. Its at this time that the Yellowknife Real Estate market wakes up and buyers start buzzing. You dont want to wait too long however. Waiting until the middle of summer, end of summer can be beneficial if thats what your timeline dictates. But using negotiation tactics to the benefit of my seller means not only getting them the best value possible, but also getting the most beneficial terms including completion dates. We can always neogotiate for different completion/possesion dates, but we cant attract home buyers who have already satisfied their needs during the intial spring/summer buying flurry. 

As a seller you may think the competition is solely on the buying side of things. Its not. As a seller you and your realtor must do your best to position yourself competitively against the other listings in the market. This typically means positioning yourself and your homes listing price wise. So, when you list early in the spring/summer when there is less listings on the market you have less listing competition to worry about and a more 'open' market to position your home in price wise. 

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