Listing Your Yellowknife Home For Sale

Listing Your Yellowknife Home For Sale: Best practices to maximize value and get the deal done.

Your goal when you list your home for sale is usually pretty simple. Maximize the sale value, get the deal done on your ideal timeline and at the terms that best suit you. There's a handful of things you can do to ensure you maximize value of your Yellowknife listing and move into your new home, your new destination on your timeline.

If you are planning to move into another home here in Yellowknife that you plan to buy and you havent found that home yet then I suggest listing your home for sale and making the contract to purchase your home subject to the unconditonal purchase of your next home. In doing this, you ensure that you do not sell your home until you have found and purchased your next home. Its best to list your home, find your new home and tie the two transactions together so that you dont accidently end of up owning 2 homes or on the flip side end up selling your home with nothing to move into. In doing this, once you find the home you want to move into make your offer on that home subject to the unconditional sale of your current home. This ensures that you dont buy your new home without selling your current home, and ensures you dont sell your home without buying the new one. You'll be protected in both transactions this way ensuring your not homeless or running 2 mortgages at the same time. 

When should you list your home? The best time of year to be listing your home, regardless of the situation, is the spring time or even just before. Buyer activity in Yellowknife is most active April-July. So if you list your home in March-June you have the best chance of finding buyers, even multiple buyers and maximizing the value of your sale. Remember, real estate is all about supply and demand. Quick and fruitful sales come to those who attracts more buyers, so if you can beat the influx of listings that come to market in peak months by listing just a bit earlier then everyone else or at a time when buyers are most active you'll be sure to attract attention to your listing and be able to attract 1 if not more offers on your home at terms and a price that suits you. 

Every sale and every transaction is different, lets chat about your Yellowknife home for sale and how we can maximize value and get the job done on your timeline! 867-446-2458

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