How do you book a viewing of a Yellowknife home for sale?

Looking to view a home for sale in Yellowknife? How do you, a buyer, go about viewing the home that has caught your eye?

Easy, call me! Haha just joking. Viewing a home should be made relatively easy for you the consumer here in Yellowknife. As a realtor we have access to all available homes for sale in Yellowknife as well as information that no one else has about these homes. In fact, here at Coldwell Banker we have been established for so long that we have such detailed records on so many Yellowknife homes that other brokerages and other listing agents call US for information about the homes they are selling... So, to make it simple and easy you can call your Yellowknife realtor of choice and ask them to book you a viewing of the Yellowknife home that has caught your eye. As a realtor we have access to all properties on the market and if the home of your choosing isnt on the market, I will get you access. I often reach out to property owners to see if they would be interested in selling to my clients. I am well versed in getting potential buyers the home of their choice!

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