Christmas in Yellowknife

Christmas! What a special time of year. And especially here in Yellowknife. I find the winter weather just a bit more bearable this time of year! 

In terms of real estate this time of year for about the next 2 weeks (December 20 - January 3rd) the market is pretty well shut down with little activity. Christmas in Yellowknife shuts down the land titles office, sends all our GNWT employees home for the same period of time and effectively stops all activity in the Yellowknife market with exception to some showings and thats only if the home is available to view. Many people are home, enjoying thier time off work or travelling with family etc etc. So dont expect much action on your Yellowknife listing or expect to have your dream Yellowknife property show up on the market in the coming days. 

Things to do in Yellowknife over Christmas:

Hopefully the city has a skating rink or two up and running. You can also check the City Of Yellowknife's web page for any public skating taking place at the multiplex. The santa claus parade has already happened but be sure to get out downtown and check out any Christmas sales happening. I saw some really great times reserved for familys at the Yellowknife Brew Pub, check their social media for family friendly dining hours. 

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