Nathan Round

Nathan Round is a realtor who represents Yellowknife real estate buyers and sellers maximizing value and providing an information forward service to insure comfortability and efficiency. He offers ultimate privacy, security and patience. Nathan's years of full-time experience have given him a clear understanding of the mindset of home buyers and sellers, and a thorough understanding of the regional marketplace. Yellowknife is a unique place to live. In order to effectively buy and sell real estate in Yellowknife you need to have the right protections and information in order to navigate the tight market we find ourselves in. 

Nathan Round grew up in Yellowknife. Playing hockey,  hunting and fishing is how Nathan enjoys spending his time here in Yellowknife. Nathan, before getting into real estate, was an Electrician which allowed him to develop an in depth knowledge of home construction and building systems. He completed his real estate education at UBC in Vancouver before starting his real estate career in Kamloops BC. After relocating back to Yellowknife, Nathan quickly grasped a strong footing in the Yellowknife real estate market bringing properties to market and helping buyers find the right home at the best value possible. 

Nathan strives to give Yellowknifers the best real estate experience possible and looks forward to hearing about how he can help you!